About Us

The Greensboro Times was founded on January 4, 2002. The Publication was started to fill a void in journalism in Guilford County and Greensboro, North Carolina. The purpose of The Greensboro Times is to address the issues, concerns, dreams, and aspirations of Greensboro’s African-American community. The Greensboro Times covers news items at the local, state, and national levels that are newsworthy as an occurrence, incident, or event.

The birth of the Greensboro Times arose out of the same need as the birth of the First African-American newspaper, Freedoms Journal, in 1827. The editors, Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm, noted in their first editorial, “Our [African-Americans] vices and our degradation are ever arrayed against us, but our virtues are passed unnoticed.” The Greensboro Times continues that same soul-stirring testimony. The black press is still so vital to the awareness of the nation regarding issues that affect African Americans.

The Greensboro Times’ aim is to maintain a standard of news that is honest truthful and trustworthy to its 50,000 plus readership.